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Appraising business models before and after they come off the rails

The CRSA Forum of the ACCA held a meeting at Grant Thornton in London on 20th February 2009 with the above title. The agenda is attached at bottom.

My contribution to the event entitled "Appraising business models before and after they come off the rails."

The shareholder report on UBS's write-downs paves the way for introducing a simple way of viewing how organisations really work their business model at any level and pin point needed changes. David's presentation referred to the situations at UBS to show how the configurations of roleplays, processes, relationships and deliverables can be revealed and enable those affected to co-create needed change if allowed. Underpinned by a robust technique called value network analysis, the perceived value and risk associated with deliverables is incorporated, with seamless integration with business process, technology and communication blueprints.

The slides are attached below.

See my reply below dated 2nd April for further thoughts.

A relevant view from a system developer, Procession, written by the CEO who is a CA, former ICAS Council member, former Partner in BDO and who has worked in a Financial Services regulated environment is here. Included is a reference to value networks and their role in the 21st century!

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In preparing this presentation with reference to the UBS situation I had two main options with the one hour slot:

> Facilitate a fully participative learning experience using just few slides, say 15 max

> Provide more background detail whilst emphasising a small number of key points.

I chose the latter and highlighted three key points:-

The roles we choose to play in our work are key

In the value network showing roles below, the SAME individual held the posts of Group Deputy CEO, Divisional Chairman, and Divisional CEO - a huge concentration of power and all forseeable before the train (UBS) fell off its rails!

The two rails of formal, process workflow and informal networks need to be worked together in order to keep our business models on the rails

Engagement of all participants affected by change empowers

We can visualise how this works using the value network approach which allows all contributors to continue the dialogue using their collective wisdom.

In the light of Bob Diamond's resignation as CEO of Barclays Bank, and Chancellor George Osbourne's remark that the banking SYSTEM is broken, do we now have another financial institution falling off the rails? Now we also know who the person in the picture could represent: young Britannia, who has been taken for a ride! 


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