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The image of a healthy company using an enhanced business model

Image is an important word. It leads to Imagineering – a process used by Walt Disney to transform his dreams into realities and create the Disney Corporation Empire. But the image is not a still photograph. It’s a movie composed of a sequence of stills, each of which captures the evolution of an enterprise as it adapts to remain fit for purpose in the ever-changing business landscape.

It is also important to avoid the trap of industrial age thinking and be cautious of industrial organization economics which forms the famous Five Forces model developed my Michael Porter.

Further, as managers face the challenges of the 21st century, it is useful, providing the context is appropriate, to see, instead, strategy as the emergence of order and innovation from the variety and diversity which exists in and around organizations.

The article attached uses the value network "lens" or perspective to visualize how such a business model might appear, as in the following picture.

If allowed, the mix of contributions by the very many different peoples in organizations today has the potential to create newness and therefore change of itself.

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Thought from a "conversation starter" in The McKinsey Quarterly

"Build flexible business models.

Corporate leaders might consider robust business models incorporating some slack and flexibility instead of the models most common today, which aim to optimize value in the most likely future scenario and thus leave companies exposed when conditions change dramatically. The offshoring of production or services to a number of continents and countries, for example, is surely more costly, under stable conditions, than maintaining a single center but would protect a company in the event of an unexpected regional or national economic crisis."

The McKinsey Quarterly
‘Power curves’: What natural and economic disasters have in common
Parallels between the failures of man-made systems, such as the economy, and of similarly complex natural ones offer fascinating food for thought.
JUNE 2009 • Michele Zanini

The image of a company's business model can now be represented online so that participants can pinpoint needed action for change, growth and success. For the first time, it is possible to identify where the true value lies in an organisation. 

The link here shows a prototype version of a system that can support this capability.


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