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This technical paper, co-authored by Meggitt, Sarri and Evans, appeared in the May 2012 edition of the "Proceedings" Civil Engineering in a special themed edition covering "More for Less," and can be downloaded from attachment at foot of this post. (Source is here and context here )


This paper outlines the value network approach for engaging people in pinpointing remedial action for change, growth and success. Drawing from successful applications in complex design and manufacturing, key features are used to formulate value networks at three levels related to infrastructure delivery. It shows how, for individual transactions, the perceived value and other attributes of deliverables can be assessed by participants in the network. Following reference to the theory, and appraisal of its effectiveness, the conclusion is that the value network approach supports radical change in project and programme performance. It allows the industry to co-evolve solutions to the cultural and practical obstacles that actively prevent people and businesses choosing best buys, wherein big savings can often be had even more cheaply than small savings. Overall, in view of on-going economic and financial uncertainty, there is now a window of opportunity to experiment with VNA.

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