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When will they ever learn?

"Collaboration rather than conquest" could be a new mantra.

We have renamed this site as "Succeed in the value network space" and wish all our readers "power with good…


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Using value networks to boost construction performance

A peer reviewed Technical paper for the flagship journal of the Institution of Civil Engineers that introduced the value network approach to the profession has the following summary:-

"Civil engineers have a systems approach to model the behaviour of designed facilities and an appreciation of the complexity of natural environment. Yet many…


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Using the results of life cycle parametric cost models

In some respects, the art and science of non military life cycle costing see here has advanced since the pioneering work undertaken for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu in…


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National Infrastructure Planning

Identifying and formulating projects that fit coherently with the national "will" is a complex affair. Even if a formal process be established, implementing it is complicated.

To illustrate, in the 1980's, a major kingdom in the Middle East used over 5,500 information elements in the preparation of its five year plan, where a single information element could consist of many tables of subject data or accompanying reports.  

The corresponding information flows (developed by this…


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Enterprise Strategic Planning in construction and the Business Model

In the late 1980's, strategic planning was the new replacement for the moribund corporate planning of earlier decades.

In 1988, the then Business Development Director of Y J Lovell Holdings PLC sanctioned a review for the Group of key information needs, resulting in a report and recommendations for the "Cultivation of use by staff of information of strategic value." This was undertaken on condition its findings could be made public to the industry when…


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New forms of value network analysis and their presentation

Classical, methods for analysing value networks have been presented by Allee and Schwabe. These incorporate a mix of parameters including many that derive from Social Network Analysis. Resulting reports are packed with metrics, explanations, and charts for more than 50 network indicators including resilience, risk, stability, reciprocity, agility, perceived value. Their subsequent work has extended to a branch of…


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Demand Creation Network

The turbulent economic environment in the UK calls for “out-of-the-box” thinking linked to action that “engages.” The uncertainty and unpredictability of future events suggests that such action is now urgent.

The good news is that flexibility is now the mantra and organisation leaders have tended to hoard staff…


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Playing our part: co-creating "Weal(th)"

Ideas for moving from top-down Government control to encouragement of more participative government at a local level are in the air. For example, the UK Conservative Party Manifesto published yesterday makes this a core theme; getting stuck in as a volunteer and building a nation of people who look out for others and not assuming that politicians have all the answers.…


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First Economic Model

Adam Smith (1723-1790) and his concept of “the invisible hand” has been a useful historical reference point in judging how far regulation of affairs should be extended after the banking crisis. For example, see here.

Smith was one of the developers of classical economics, itself probably the first modern school of economic thought. But who influenced Adam Smith, apart from such notables…


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An unprecedented combination of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal (PESTEL) factors is creating an “edge of chaos” (see 1) below) condition in the United Kingdom for the next five to 10 years as we realign interests, ambitions and means with changes in mood and conscience.

Usefully for businesses, this challenge to survival can create a “bulldog” mood to win against the odds and pull together in adversity.

But we do need to…


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Mood: messages from figureheads to guide reflection

As we enter a new decade, our mood, guided by our conscience will greatly influence our collective contributions in the UK to enterprise survival and success. Refer to blog here.)

It is appropriate to seek guidance from key figureheads with a long term view:

- Her Majesty, The Queen and

- His Grace, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams

Accordingly, the following are…


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Announcing "Discovery Leadership and Management (TM)"

Today is auspicious as it marks the introduction of a new phrase on the Internet - Discovery Leadership and Management (TM). Note the italics, which adds distinction to the mark. The mark will be removed as soon as possible.

Is it coincidence that a search on Google revealed only two similar groupings of words?

>>> drug discovery leadership and management, when my daughter is Senior Manager of Medical Writing with a leading, global clinical…


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Announcing "quantum co-creativity (TM)"

The world and its people are currently in a mess!

Solutions must incorporate systemic understanding and stakeholder interest and influence, preferably with transparency.

19 th century management principles are gradually being adapted to incorporate practice that is found in a new generation of inhabitants that know how to use social media and global networks to good effect.

In parallel, there are traditions that believe that we are co-creators not just…


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Stirring Spirit

Applying spirit at work implies invoking it. But now we confront an obstacle!

Matters of the spirit have traditionally been almost the exclusive domain of the "Religions" in the Western World. Yet, one of the main objections to religion in the workplace is that it is a source of division rather than inspiration. In a non Islamic country, (in Islamic countries, being called to prayer during working hours is routine) it could be most disturbing and resented for a Chief…


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Swine Flu - impressions of the virus

How can CEOs benefit from a knowledge of viruses?

Maybe they can point to the flu strain's apparent capacity for both incremental innovation (genetic drift) and disruptive innovation (genetic shift) as an exemplar of good practice for use in an organisational setting. Its capacity to adapt and survive against threats to its existence is only marred by its propensity to kill off its hosts / customers too early in the relationship before infection can spread!…


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Principles or rules: an ethical choice?

"Does Increased regulation reduce corporate responsibility?"

This was the title for the annual open debate held as a regular event by the UK Institute of Business Ethics sponsored this year by Simmons & Simmons.

The event was held under the Chatham House Rule so these observations are the result of a distillation of what was…


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Past public events on value networks

The is a partial list of past events in the UK. It provides a background to the heralding in to the UK of value networks and analysis, and its validation in the contexts explored.

May, 2006

Workshops at the University of Greenwich introduced the technique of Value Network Analysis to member organisations within the London Knowledge Network coordinated by Martyn Laycock.…


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Get into the flow!

Value networks; THE way to organise.

Thinking and acting with a "value network" perspective presents participants with a unique opportunity for getting into the flow. It helps you to achieve win-win outcomes in most situations, particularly in business, and guides you in the adoption of new mind sets to become fit for purpose in challenging environments.

There are three steps.

1) Seek out the formal processes that cross functional silos and other…


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Achieve win-win with value networks!

As one rather gauche American put it to me, "I am up to my a**e in alligators!"

That was 10 years ago, but I guess that sentiment could apply to us all now, with a nominal $600 trillion of debt still bubbling below the surface like a molten magma.

For those who feel like holding hands and riding events out together , maybe now is the time to adopt new mindsets, skill sets and tool sets to succeed at win-win in competitive environments using the value…


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