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The Value Exchange System (TM) (VES) - THE way to prosper.


Welcome to this community site which describes some of the ways in which value exchange systems can boost performance in organisations and their business networks.

A value exchange system provides:

>> A view of how people REALLY work together

>> Analyses to pinpoint where action is needed to effect change and achieve growth and success

Following, are some notes on site content.

From 2013 onwards, we now use the term "value exchange system" instead of "value networks" to describe more appropriately their power to transform performance in organisations.

The "Articles" tab is used as a place to store articles for reference in blogs.

Click on the tab and you can use the view window to click on "categories" and reveal the current listing of Articles.

When signed in as a member, you can add further contributions if needed and use the "Reply" box to add comments.

The use of the term "Forum" is appropriate. The articles are the outward manifestation of many hours of co-creative knowledge networking with colleagues to whom sincere appreciation is extended. It is a pleasure to share new insights and results with you.

Best wishes.

David Meggitt 


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Meggitt Bird LLP)







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