Does the Blockchain community have the edge?

An inspiring presentation by Marc here.

A key phrase to contemplate that Marc introduces...

Regenerative platform - systems dynamics models

Is this too complicated? How about using "causal models" on platforms?...

and linking "regenerative" to a Doughnut Economy, as a playfully serious approach to framing Humanity's 21st-century challenges?




And using business models framed as Value Exchange Systems to mobilise collective, co-operative actions? >>> a Star Enterprise.




Use of a systems dynamics (SD)  model is suggested by Marc. An SD model superimposed on a Business Model Canvas was shown in the presentation.



The above is a "stock and flow" SD type which can be used to analyse quantitatively the overall system - difficult to understand by most readers.

A simpler SD representation is a "causal loop diagram." Even these are tricky to comprehend unless the results can be intuitively and quickly comprehended.

The attached note and associated technical paper explain these limitations and suggest an alternative causal modelling system for the same social and environmental challenge.

Causal loops for the analysis of the social dimension of complex systems.pdf

Causal Analysis of development projectv6.pdf

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