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 A one-pager to prove it works...
Aug 7
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Jun 25
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In the past, the use of technologies such as Personal Computers, AI and Robotics had been met with technofear. See, for example, the attached article published in the International Herald Tribune of October, 15th 1986 in which I was…
Mar 9
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From David and Christie....
Our aim - to Mobilize your Mates...
Mobilize: Organize for service or action (using VES)
Mates: Friend or fellow worker (interacting confidently with WST insights)
We do all this within VNS in order to:-
A: Help…
Feb 5
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A preview of upcoming publications...

Initially, extensive research on the history of the bridge crossing was conducted by members of the Molesey Local History Society, culminating in a presentation to members held on Friday, 15th November,…
Jan 19
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"Use of systems dynamics model"
Jan 7
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An inspiring presentation by Marc Buckley...is here.
A key phrase to contemplate that Marc introduces...
Regenerative platform - systems dynamics models
Is this too complicated? How about using "causal models" on platforms?...
and linking…
Jan 6
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An explanation of Metisa - its purpose and arrangement - will follow soon. (Please click on "Introduction.)
Early publications under the banner of Metisa and past events can be viewed below, here.
Custodianship of the Value Exchange System (VES) and…
Jan 4
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The following articles appear in LinkedIn under "Metisa" and created on "Blogger."
... intended as some random insights as a relaxation from the discipline of VES.
Jan 4
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For an introduction to the Value Exchange System (VES), you can refer to the handbook first published in 2019. The link is here
The associated We Space Theory (WST) developed by Professor Charles (Kalev) Ehin is summarised in the publication here …
Dec 30, 2022
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"Lovely attraction
Dec 29, 2022
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Nov 21, 2022