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National Infrastructure Planning

Identifying and formulating projects that fit coherently with the national "will" is a complex affair. Even if a formal process be established, implementing it is complicated.

To illustrate, in the 1980's, a major kingdom in the Middle East used over 5,500 information elements in the preparation of its five year plan, where a single information element could consist of many tables of subject data or accompanying reports.  

The corresponding information flows (developed by this author and approved by the Client)  were as shown in the following diagrams.

a) Overview:-


b) More detailed view of Five year "Development Plan Preparation" in above diagram


Having developed the above diagrams with the planning Ministry then, it would be interesting to learn, now, what process the UK government uses to formulate the National Infrastructure Plan and the types of models and simulations used, if any.

It may also be instructive to appreciate the frequency and nature of the internal communication between relevant departments and agencies and other stakeholders. The following chart shows how that could be represented - an early version, perhaps, of Social Network Analysis (SNA). Interesting that it was criticized as being more of a sociogram rather than an exchange of information / ideas about National Planning issues!


Fast forward 25 years and new systems approaches could illuminate the process further and reveal the otherwise hidden connections that support and empower participants to achieve, together, growth and success. Recommended as a primary candidate systems approach is our co-evolved Value Exchange System (VES), a diagnostic and leadership tool for use at every level within the value network space.

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Entrepreneurs develop their business model

This note describes how entrepreneurs benefited from using value networks to underpin their thinking and strategy, having initially practised their pitch within an environment supportive of those aspiring to entrepreneurship. The initial random contact was made at a Regional Meeting of Ecademy in Weybridge with Paul Harvey.

The 3Cs Community (www.3cscommunity.com) in the UK is focussed on encouraging entrepreneurship in a supportive atmosphere and receives sponsorship in the form of meeting facilities from a range of organisations - professional firms, research and academic institutions, libraries.

One of the business pitches in May was by Bio Music, whom I introduced, and subsequently suggested they use the value network approach to further refine their business planning.

This note briefly describes the process we undertook to apply value networks over a period of two months.

Developing the Discovery Map

The first conversation was to allow the business owner / CEO to develop what I call a Discovery Map, underpinned by the value network way of representing the key role plays and both formal and informal flows. This was done in free style with a large piece of paper, pens and sticky notes and took about two hours of time together. A tidied up version is shown below.

Data was then fed into a proprietary analysis and report generator tool and sample outputs obtained and distributed.

A comment from the owner at this point is included below the map.

Discovery Map of the Bio Music Business


"Dear David, Just wanted to say, once again, a very big thank you for yesterday’s session at the ICE and for your invaluable input in helping us identify the ‘mechanics’ of our business, which, I find, has greatly helped us to pin-point the priorities to make and the strategy to follow up in order to achieve the overall goal of a global success.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you in your future presentations of our business model or in any other way at all.

I look forward to receiving your final map in due course and to see you again in the near future, most likely at a future 3Cs event, if not before…

All the very best,

Loriana Music"

Developing the business model and strategy blueprint

The next stage was to involve another key member of the team, Paul Harvey, and allow both to co-develop a business model that incorporated the business strategy. This means using the Discovery map to tease out and use further components that addressed the key questions of "What should we be doing and when?" and " Who will do it and why?"

The technique used in this case was to project the Discovery map (as the underpinning value network) on to the wall which was covered with a large blank sheet of paper. The facilitated conversation was a mix of standard value network analysis subjects, interlaced with strategy considerations, extended over a working day with a break for lunch. The value network was extended by adding new deliverables, highlighting cash flows, and adding the sequence of the flow of deliverables. (Called transactions in the methodology). Some role plays / participants were removed for strategic reasons.

The resulting drawing is shown in the photograph below.


Subsequently, a neat version of the map was created and a nice twist added to the title to create....

A vibrational pull business model.


"Vibrational pull" resonates particularly well in this case for two reasons:

>>> The marketing approach is geared up to the "pull" from potential served markets as opposed to "product push"

>>> The product itself features vibrations of a special nature

This represents the current position. The diagram is now available for use in conveying, through conversation, the dynamics of the emerging and developing business. It can also be used to progress to creating the Business process blueprint and technology blueprints which create prototype and working workflow systems in quick time.

A final word from the entrepreneur..

"Dear David

Many thanks for the Bio Music Vibrational Pull Model.
It seems all fine to me.

Thank you also for the value network map attached to your email.
It does show how valuable the exercise of creating a value network map is in order to enable a clear overview of a business model and to facilitate the process of elaborating the changes required.
I like this a lot!

Best regards,

Loriana Music

You are at http://tinyurl.com/nqkrzl


David is one of the co-founders of 3Cs Community and served on the Board of Directors of the servicing company for many years.


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Today is auspicious as it marks the introduction of a new phrase on the Internet - Discovery Leadership and Management (TM). Note the italics, which adds distinction to the mark. The mark will be removed as soon as possible.

Is it coincidence that a search on Google revealed only two similar groupings of words?

>>> drug discovery leadership and management, when my daughter is Senior Manager of Medical Writing with a leading, global clinical research company
>>> Antarctica discovery leadership and management, when my son is contemplating his next move with team colleagues after having been accepted for the 2012-2013 Antarctic Race

Discovery Leadership and Management (TM) will be used to enable people and organisations to thrive in the 21st century despite the increasing unpredictability of events.

The visusal that supports this is now in the hands of a select group of SME's in the UK. Their opportunity is to experience and mould a new way of working that equips them for unpredictable times and discover the joy of co-creative achievement at every level.

A key underpinning discipline is now the Value Exchange System (VES), governed by overarching organising principles, and a reformulation of VNA depicted in the figure below.

Responsibility for this announcement must rest with me, but I have been influenced to take action by many colleagues, in particular:

Dr Charles Savage, author of "5th Generation Management" on leadership and management issues.

David Chassels CA, CEO of Procession, on adaptable work flow design.


Further announcements will be made as events unfold. See comments below.

This is also a special time for all managers in the UK who are members of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). A CMI Manifesto has been launched, focused on improving management and leadership skills in the UK. Seek it out and sign up if appropriate.

Discovery Management and Leadership is given further context here.

You are at http://tinyurl.com/y8cbd6p
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Achieve win-win with value networks!

As one rather gauche American put it to me, "I am up to my a**e in alligators!"

That was 10 years ago, but I guess that sentiment could apply to us all now, with a nominal $600 trillion of debt still bubbling below the surface like a molten magma.

For those who feel like holding hands and riding events out together , maybe now is the time to adopt new mindsets, skill sets and tool sets to succeed at win-win in competitive environments using the value network perspective - the intuitive move from supply chain and value chain thinking.

A unique opportunity to start with the basics is open to all on Thursday, 11th June at Regent's Business School, London when, aided by a few rope manoeuvres, I'll be introducing attendees to value networks. It is organised by the Central and Westminster Branch of the Chartered Management Institute.

It's a short, participative session of 60 minutes with Q and A and you will have an overview of value networks and analysis (VNA).

What is it?
What can it do for me?
How can I get more of it?

The flyer is attached here...
CMI talk on Value networks D M Flyer 110609.pdf
[The slides accompanying the presentation are now added as a comment below (14th June)]

You are at http://tinyurl.com/qk45f6

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