quantum co-creativity (1)

Announcing "quantum co-creativity (TM)"

The world and its people are currently in a mess!

Solutions must incorporate systemic understanding and stakeholder interest and influence, preferably with transparency.

19 th century management principles are gradually being adapted to incorporate practice that is found in a new generation of inhabitants that know how to use social media and global networks to good effect.

In parallel, there are traditions that believe that we are co-creators not just with one another but with a Divine Creator to ensure the care of a groaning earth and its restoration for being fit for purpose for future generations. Currently, there are almost 35,000 references to co-creativity on the web,

At this point I acknowledge the influence of David Welbourn, co-author of "The spirit at work phenomenon," Dr Charles Savage, author of 5th Generation Management - Co-creating through Virtual Enterprising, Dynamic Teaming, and Knowledge Networking," (still fresh after 13 years), George Por for his insights on "Collective Intelligence," and Verna Allee, the main original contributor and developer of the value network approach.

Building on the shoulders of giants in their fields attention is now drawn to the work of Hubert Saint-Onge, an originator of the knowledge management movement and his new co-authored book with Jay Chatzkel, "Beyond the Deal," which outlines an approach to achieve quantum leaps in corporate performance.

So, now is the time for me to introduce the phrase "quantum co-creativity" quietly before the full fanfare heralds in this new force for transformation between people.

This is not the place to describe its effects and meaning, but you can see the context for the phrase in the diagram following which traces connections from our origins as single cells to the complex organisations of the present. The value network approach is used as a framework to connect the parts, including the combination and interaction of both formal workflow AND informal networks that generate value in organisations. In the words of Joan Bird, "Uniquely, VNA (value networks and analysis) maps intangibles, allowing better understanding and directional intervention and transformation."

A movement is under way to assimilate the significance of Quantum Co-Creativity, so join the group here for further guidance.

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