National Infrastructure Planning

Identifying and formulating projects that fit coherently with the national "will" is a complex affair. Even if a formal process be established, implementing it is complicated.

To illustrate, in the 1980's, a major kingdom in the Middle East used over 5,500 information elements in the preparation of its five year plan, where a single information element could consist of many tables of subject data or accompanying reports.  

The corresponding information flows (developed by this author and approved by the Client)  were as shown in the following diagrams.

a) Overview:-


b) More detailed view of Five year "Development Plan Preparation" in above diagram


Having developed the above diagrams with the planning Ministry then, it would be interesting to learn, now, what process the UK government uses to formulate the National Infrastructure Plan and the types of models and simulations used, if any.

It may also be instructive to appreciate the frequency and nature of the internal communication between relevant departments and agencies and other stakeholders. The following chart shows how that could be represented - an early version, perhaps, of Social Network Analysis (SNA). Interesting that it was criticized as being more of a sociogram rather than an exchange of information / ideas about National Planning issues!


Fast forward 25 years and new systems approaches could illuminate the process further and reveal the otherwise hidden connections that support and empower participants to achieve, together, growth and success. Recommended as a primary candidate systems approach is our co-evolved Value Exchange System (VES), a diagnostic and leadership tool for use at every level within the value network space.

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  • We are hosting a workshop on the Value Exchange System on 11th November 2015...see the event here

  • "Value network space" is our term for "value network," introduced by Clayten Christensen in the 1997 book "The Innovator's Dilemma" and follow up publication with Michael Gaynor (2003) "The Innovator's Solution."

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