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Today is auspicious as it marks the introduction of a new phrase on the Internet - Discovery Leadership and Management (TM). Note the italics, which adds distinction to the mark. The mark will be removed as soon as possible.

Is it coincidence that a search on Google revealed only two similar groupings of words?

>>> drug discovery leadership and management, when my daughter is Senior Manager of Medical Writing with a leading, global clinical research company
>>> Antarctica discovery leadership and management, when my son is contemplating his next move with team colleagues after having been accepted for the 2012-2013 Antarctic Race

Discovery Leadership and Management (TM) will be used to enable people and organisations to thrive in the 21st century despite the increasing unpredictability of events.

The visusal that supports this is now in the hands of a select group of SME's in the UK. Their opportunity is to experience and mould a new way of working that equips them for unpredictable times and discover the joy of co-creative achievement at every level.

A key underpinning discipline is now the Value Exchange System (VES), governed by overarching organising principles, and a reformulation of VNA depicted in the figure below.

Responsibility for this announcement must rest with me, but I have been influenced to take action by many colleagues, in particular:

Dr Charles Savage, author of "5th Generation Management" on leadership and management issues.

David Chassels CA, CEO of Procession, on adaptable work flow design.


Further announcements will be made as events unfold. See comments below.

This is also a special time for all managers in the UK who are members of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). A CMI Manifesto has been launched, focused on improving management and leadership skills in the UK. Seek it out and sign up if appropriate.

Discovery Management and Leadership is given further context here.

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