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Achieve win-win with value networks!

As one rather gauche American put it to me, "I am up to my a**e in alligators!"

That was 10 years ago, but I guess that sentiment could apply to us all now, with a nominal $600 trillion of debt still bubbling below the surface like a molten magma.

For those who feel like holding hands and riding events out together , maybe now is the time to adopt new mindsets, skill sets and tool sets to succeed at win-win in competitive environments using the value network perspective - the intuitive move from supply chain and value chain thinking.

A unique opportunity to start with the basics is open to all on Thursday, 11th June at Regent's Business School, London when, aided by a few rope manoeuvres, I'll be introducing attendees to value networks. It is organised by the Central and Westminster Branch of the Chartered Management Institute.

It's a short, participative session of 60 minutes with Q and A and you will have an overview of value networks and analysis (VNA).

What is it?
What can it do for me?
How can I get more of it?

The flyer is attached here...
CMI talk on Value networks D M Flyer 110609.pdf
[The slides accompanying the presentation are now added as a comment below (14th June)]

You are at

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Wal-Mart is harnessing the collective knowledge and wisdom of its own company, supplier companies, academia, government, and non-government organizations to explore mutual challenges and develop solutions that benefit their businesses and local and global communities.

Already a wealth of innovation and insight has led to improved energy use and efficiency, reduced or recycled waste, and increased introduction of environmentally friendly and organic products. Their purposeful value networks called SVN's (which is a way of organising win-win collaboration and alliances with a value network perspective) are currently focussed on:-

Greenhouse Gas
Sustainable Buildings
Alternative Fuels
Forest & Paper
Food, Agriculture and Seafood
Chemical Intensive Products

Read more and see the video with interviews with executives here

Thanks to John Maloney for drawing my attention to this

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