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Demand Creation Network

The turbulent economic environment in the UK calls for “out-of-the-box” thinking linked to action that “engages.” The uncertainty and unpredictability of future events suggests that such action is now urgent.

The good news is that flexibility is now the mantra and organisation leaders have tended to hoard staff on renegotiated terms rather than seek immediate cost cutting lay-offs.

However, with reductions in overall demand for products and services predicted in many sectors (see comment below), a “reorientation” to identify and meet customer needs and wants in the value chain is this week’s priority.

But how is this achieved? Traditional management thinks “Reorganise!” with the inevitable disruption and delays that associated with identifying and filling new job positions: all accompanied by a lowering of morale over a critical, often prolonged period.

An alternative approach is offered by pedigree marketing and technology specialists Hunter Hastings and Jeff Saperstein in their new book “Bust the Silos – opening your organization for growth.” They are a new breed of specialists who are embracing the value network approach to tackle complex business and organisational challenges.

To tackle the demand deficit, their approach is simple. Wear a “value network” hat and conceive a “Demand Creation Network,” with new roles that are open to all who feel they can contribute. No reorganisation; just a reorientation.

Figure 1-1 in the book illustrates how they replace structure with a network in order to build growth capability. The diagram following captures the essence of the role plays and deliverables shown in the Figure whilst embodying the authentic value network approach that Hunter and Jeff depart from slightly in their representation, which devotees will be quick to spot.

For the detail omitted and further explanation refer to the attachment here ..

Demand Creation Network.pdf

Readers are also advised to refer to the six podcasts made of Verna Allee, the originator and prime mover in the value network movement, now supported by a dynamic global community of practitioners. These podcasts provide additional nuances to the value network approach. Refer here …

A useful step in implementing a Demand Creation Network is to imagine creating a new team or project that straddles existing functions, disciplines, departments. Then adopt a cultivation and facilitation style to nurture the new informal way of collaborating until formal processes are developed when time allows, using breakthrough methods as at Procession.

Simultaneously, challenge those contributing to the corporate governance and audit roles to adapt accordingly. (See for example the paper on continuous auditing here.)

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