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The epitaph read - "She empowered the co-creativity of millions."

Sounds good! Why? Because I, for one, believe that, as co-creators with a Divine entity in the world (a Christian would say "co-creators with God in the world;" a Muslim, "creators under Allah on earth;" and in Buddhism, "consider Manjushri, the Buddha of wisdom and creativity")  we have an obligation to utilise our capabilities to leave the world in a state that is fit for purpose for future generations.  

Some may align with that purpose. Yet, no endeavour that is hard to achieve can be accomplished in isolation. Consider, instead, creating with trusted colleagues a purposeful business ecosystem that meets both collective goals and aspirations and individual ones. Use the value network approach. Not only will it help to get to the crux of a situation, It will also help engage with and empower your collaborators. Details of the method and its enthusiastic followers can be found here.


The suggested roles that can be played in the ecosystem are shown in orange below and consist of:

  • Prospect / client and cluster in which it resides
  • Promoter / service formulator
  • Alliance partners / participants
  • Discipline expert
  • Information product developer
  • Standards maintainer
  • Behaviour guiders
  • Competitors



We use the roles to co-develop a value network view of the business ecosystem. My own first pass is sketched out below. It illustrates the mix of deliverables that could be exchanged, either directly or indirectly, between participants playing one or more of the above roles.




Having co-evolved a sense of the possible, decide a mix of strategic thrusts that address market opportunities and work up the detail. It will become clear, in so doing, that you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • Where are your innovative contributions hampered by lack of wider co-operation, co-investment, and adoption of your ideas?
  • What innovative idea could you take to customers if you could orchestrate a wider community of players to endorse it that would be profoundly more effective than what you can currently offer?

(Source of the above questions: "The death of competition - leadership and strategies in the age of business ecosystems," James E Moore, 1996, Harper Business.) 

I look forward to the journey ahead. ...

My development action plan within the CPD process developed by the Institution of Civil Engineers is here... ICE_Form%203190_DMeggitt.pdf

David Meggitt

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